"A lyric documentary of a distant journey from Atacama Desert to Patagonia, carrying a camera and a tripod over the shoulders, from a fog oasis to a bygone estancia in a pursuit journey to find life"

  1. A documentary film by Nicolas Sanchez

    Synopsis Horacio is a former priest, archaeologist and anthropologist who researches a fog oasis in the Atacama desert which was inhabited by primitive cultures centuries ago. Alfonso is a lawyer who chose to retire to Patagonia to revive... Read more >

  2. The Director

    Nicolas Sanchez (Santiago de Chile, 1981) lives and works in London, UK. In 2009, after wining the first prize of the Juan Downey award for Film, he decided to shoot his first long feature documentary film. With a 7 year background on fine arts and… Read more >

  3. The Soundtrack

    SoundtrackThe music pieces for the film were created by hermano-hermano, a duo of brothers (Camilo and Alejandro Artigas) that work in close relationship with the director. Their music attempts to communicate the tone of the documentary, while conferring… Read more >

  4. Life is elsewhere in FEDOCHI 14

    Life is elsewhere was selected for FEDOCHI 14 (Festival de Cine Documental de Chiloé) together with El gran circo pobre de Timoteo (Lorena Giachino, 2013), Propaganda… Read more >

  5. Life is elsewhere at Visions du Réel - DOC Market

    Thanks to CinemaChile, Life is elsewhere will be present at the Media Library of the DOC Market of Visions du Réel, in Nyon, Switzerland, one of the most important festivals of documentary of Europe, that puts the spotlight on new European and… Read more >

  6. Festival season open

    The international festival season is opening and the movie is now ready for showcase. The film will be sent to a selection of film and documentary festivals worldwide where it will be showcased if selected. We will keep informing about showcasing… Read more >